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by KKMS | December 17, 2014 12:34 17 Dec 12:34 | #11470 | #11470

For our site visits, we decided to check the heat leaks in on Memorial University campus housing. We decided to do the new residence versus the old residence, to check which building is well insulated. We chose to do our siting on the East Tower and Burton’s Pond. We also expanded our sites to some of the lecture rooms in the arts and science building and also outside some of the school’s building to check for any heat leaks. During our visits we used the thermal flashlight to detect heat leaks in these buildings. As stated in our research; trying to detect cold spots based on sensory shifts is hard, and walking around a room, inch-by-inch and also in the cold outside some buildings with a thermometer is not easy. The thermal flashlight provided us with an easy way of detecting changes in temperature.
The results that we got from these site visits showed although the buildings in the school are insulated, the new residence buildings( newer buildings) are well insulated and is better at retaining heat.




Wow! Just discovered this great project. Did you take any photos or timelapse photos of the colored light cast by the thermal flashlight? Would be very interesting to see the differences you describe. Thank you!

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