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Saturn V KAP rig

by Juanjo | August 17, 2015 21:54 17 Aug 21:54 | #12151 | #12151

Build a Saturn V rig for KAP

Hello Recently I got my Saturn V Rig. The rig comes as shown in the picture, after 3 Hour the rig was ready. I should say thet I received the soldering done and a camera to fit in it so I didn´t have the make the hole to fit the camera. As I didnt have and drill around I made the holes to asemple the lower part of the rig with a knife. I couldn´t find the plastic circle to place between the lines of the Picavet suspension so I cut a slice of a water hose to replace it IMG_6113.JPG

The rig seems to work very well, and the CHDK coordinates the camera perfectly with the rig pan and tilt movements. I am waiting for a bit of wind to test it on the skyes, IMG_6128.JPG









That's some impressive assembly improvisation. Sorry about the missing ring but your hose ring should work just as well. I think I should modify the model for the camera tray so those two holes are already present, but you demonstrated that you don't even need a drill to make the holes.

I look forward to seeing your aerial photos if you get any wind. And it would be great to hear about that crazy looking kite.


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I hope to have some wind this weekend and be able to test the rig. That particular design of kite is one of my favorites. It has a great lift power, it flights very well with strong and medium winds, It is no difficult to make, you can place the camera in the structure of the kite and it is protected by the kite, and the line goes strait into the frame, so there is no angle to correct depending on the strength of the wind making it easier to set it up.

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Where are you hoping to take aerial photos, Juanjo? Very cool!

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in Hackney Marshes, London, UK

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sorry for the long absence, where should i load some photos and orthomosaics taken with the kite? This model of kite works very well for orthophotography with out any rig and the camera is well protected in the frame, as soon as i have some time and make another kite i can make a tutorial about how to make this particular kite. Recently I bought a drone and made some flights to try to see if we can spot a Roman Road in NDVI in some areas where is lost, and we have been able to find clearly in 7 out of 10 places, and in another one may be yes. I am now writing the report, and with time I would like to make a an article, but I can also put a small note in here if you are interested in archaeological prospection, even if it has been done with one of those infernal machines

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Hi Juanjo,

It would be good to see some photos from your archaeological missions, including more of the cool kite and how you attach the camera. Also how you are using a drone. You can post a research note (click "Write a research note" above) and drag photos into it. If you have a really big photo mosaic you can drag that into a note and it will display smaller but if people open it in a new tab it will be full size. Or you could upload the full resolution version to a photo sharing site (e.g., Flickr) and embed it or link to it, or just put a smaller version in the research note.

It is also good to hear what you think about the pros and cons of kites and drones. For many applications drones will eventually displace kites as the best way to lift a camera, but for now there might be some advantages of kites.

Thanks, Chris

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