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Measuring Air Quality (PM) @ new years eve during fireworks

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Measuring PM particles before, on and after new years eve 2016/2017 is the goal of the Dutch project "Vuurwerk 2016/2017" . Around the Country 40 volunteers (of which 23 already) placed the ShinyeiPPD24NS sensor with a WIFI module to create an open source big data stream to measure PM. The results can be seen on this website: (see pictures). Under each red dot there is graph with the results. 20161213_overzicht_sensoren_vuurwerk_2016-2017.jpg

More information on this Dutch website:


Hello! I am from Ukraine. It's really interesting not only for me but my students also. How I can connect to this project. Thanks!

Hi @GreenFrogg! Impressive work!
We are now testing the potentiometers of the Shinyei PPD42 here in barcelona using two sensors on the same plastic box to be sure of the variable resistance value needed for the sensor to mesure correctly. Do you think is possible for you to measure the potentiometer values of any of your stations using a multimeter?
You can help us on this research note here ;)

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@xose: My sensor is already enclosured. But there are still sensors to be installed. I will put the question on the project forum (in dutch language)

Thanks a lot @GreenFrogg!! That would be great!

Done! See the picture tbv_PublicLab_vraag.jpg

Woooow!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Compilation of the firework PM peak @ the 76 sensors. The Yellow points are the overall average and the bleu dots the local values contactsheet_Frits_Ogg_RIVM_fireworks_2016-2017.jpg

East & middle of the Netherlands: Deventer, Zwolle, Wageningen, Groningen, Nijmegen, Arnhem en omgeving: Results on the same scale Oost_Noord_eo.jpeg

Oh, this is very neat. Thanks!

History of each sensor point now available for evaluation. It's downloadeble as an Exel file. Just click on the the sensor and choose: "verrijkte dataset". and there is also an English page: and One can also look at the twitter account: @samen meten.

Fantastic map!

Now the new measurements site for new years eve 2017/2018: for more info see:

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It looks like this: Newyears_eve_2017-2018.jpg

This is one hour after midnight: Newyears_eve_2017-2018_20180101_0100.jpg

Oh wow! These are great graphs -- maybe post a new note with them? Would you be interested in doing a short blog post about it? Happy new year!

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This is one hour after midnight: Newyears_eve_2017-2018_20180101_0100.jpg

@ Warren, I will try to make a blog. Have to make time :-). There are a lot of differences with the measurements last year. Several different (and mostly new) sensors and the (successful) use of LoRaWAN beside WiFi, measuring 2,5 and 10 and the graphics in ug. There is also information in the English language here:


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