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Update #1: OSIDC Senior Thesis Project

by Emmett_Dec | August 31, 2020 14:59 31 Aug 14:59 | #24484 | #24484

Hello! I am excited to share that I will be completing my Senior thesis project using Raspberry Pi to create scientific instrumentation. As part of Open Science Instrumentation and Data Collection at UMass Amherst, I will be building a novel device which uses the instrument created. I look forward to sharing my work and seeking advice in this awesome community.


@Emmett_Dec this is wonderful news! Don't forget to follow and subscribe to related content while working on your senior thesis project. Welcome to Public Lab! You can "follow" and other related tags of interest to keep track of community questions being asked, new posts, and Public Lab updates. We hope to see some of your own questions soon!

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