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Hope in Bloom in the Southside of Williamsburg!

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On Tuesday, April 29th, El Puente's Green Light District, local high school students, community residents and Public Laboratory will be mapping the Southside's community gardens! Come join us at HOPE IN BLOOM / CRECIENTE ESPERANZA - and pitch in to get our neighborhood's gardens ready for the growing season, or help map our community's growing green spaces. The event will be held in multiple locations from 1 to 3:30pm.

Happy Earth Day!!!

El Puente is a 32-year old community organization in North Brooklyn dedicated to building leaders for peace and justice through the promotion of arts and culture, education, environmental action, and health and wellness. The Green Light District is El Puente's ten-year campaign to green, grow, engage, and sustain the Southside of Williamsburg - making it into one of the most sustainable and equitable communities in NYC and beyond.


We'll be filling the balloon late morning, if you're interested in joining, send an email to!

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