• Wherecamp, Stanford, Palo Alto, California

    Mapped by Jeffrey Warren, Stewart Long

    Cartographer: Stewart Long

    Published by gonzoearth

    37.431346119410584 N, -122.1646702958054 E


    Ground resolution: 1.0 cm/px

    Capture date: 2011-04-24T00:00:00

    Publication date: 2011-05-24T00:00:00

    License: Public Domain

    Balloon Mapping workshop at 2011 Bay Area Wherecamp at the Stanford Campus Alumni Center

    ir http://drndl.grassrootsmapping.org/palo-alto/2011-04-22-california-paloalto-wherecamp/tiff/2011-04-22-california-paloalto-wherecamp-IR.tif

    visible http://drndl.grassrootsmapping.org/palo-alto/2011-04-22-california-paloalto-wherecamp/tiff/2011-04-22-california-paloalto-wherecamp.tif


    It was a brief and limited flight because there was too much wind above the tree and building level. Although the flight did capture some imagery both visible and near IR.

    Cartographer notes

    The camera was above the courtyard, but not the building itself. Thus, there are some strange distortions of the actual building at the Southern edge of the map.

    Our map shows more of the courtyard than found in satellite base maps due to shadows, the shape of the roof, and a very slightly apparent southern aspect of the satellite footprint for this location in the current Google imagery feature layer.



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