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Rotsoord. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Mapped by keimpe, Keimpe de Heer

Cartographer: keimpe, Keimpe de Heer

Published by gonzoearth

52.07450508204949 N, 5.122174037367596 E


Ground resolution: 18.0 cm/px

Capture date: 2013-05-01T00:00:00

Publication date: 2013-06-04T00:00:00

License: Public Domain

I just set up a new media lab in Utrecht, the Netherlands called Rotslab. We are geared towards research and the development of tools and services that enable citizens to design and give shape to their own ideas about how a city should look like. We facilitate a platform similar to Fablab to support local bottom-up makers movements. The theme Citizen Science fits in perfectly and a key starting point when designing your own environment is a satellite map. This is what we use kite mapping for in ways to map the local city scape of Rotsoord (a small city district in Utrecht).

I am actively trying to set up a research experiment with a humoristic twist to it. The hypothesis is that 'White anglo-saxon males in the age class 30+ are more likely to build illegal sheds in their gardens compared to foreign male inhabitants in the same geographical area. We plan to connect both kite satellite imagery of back yards with open data sets of the municipal government on the composition of populations in a specific area, land registry data, etc. By combining this data we should be able to compose an answer to the question why are anglo-saxon males are so eager to build sheds in their gardens :)

So..this is why I build a Plots-Utrecht..


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