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Ocean Springs, Missisippi

Mapped by Erin Sharkey, Chrissy and Colleen (from Americorp)

Cartographer: Stewart Long

Published by warren

30.408760206582993 N, -88.83616735955162 E


Capture date: 2010-06-18T00:00:00

Publication date:

License: Public Domain


Erin Sharkey led this trip and contributed the following notes:

What went wrong with the equipment?

the balloon is beginning to look deformed, our helium tank ran out of air

How many images did you get, exactly?

in our first attempt, we got 213. In our second attempt, I am not sure, most of them were of the same location or of the highway

At roughly what altitude were you flying?

for the balloon: 1000 feet, straight up. for the kite, we eventually got to 1000 feet, but it kept blowing away from the coast/shore

How many times has the site been visited before?

this was my first

What's changed at the site?

The beach at Biloxi was very pretty and pristine. It did not appear to have been touched/affected by the oil yet. We did find an odd pool of what looked like oil at Lat 30.40/Long -88.83. Also, we found hundreds of dead hermit crabs washed ashore at our second location..and a few huge dead fish.

Did you have trouble getting out to the site?

No trouble getting to the site. However, when tried to fly the kite on the beach next to a marina next to the Hard Rock Casino, a security guy drove his golf cart to us to tell us that some of the boaters were worried that our kite would "fall on their boats".. since the kite kept flying away from where we wanted it, we just reeled it in and left.

Flying conditions

very windy mid-day. We could get good balloon pictures, but later the kite and balloon were hard to control and they kept blowing into the road so we probably did not get any good pictures

Miscellaneous notes

we should probably have extra batteries and maybe an extra memory card in our bag. I am not sure how many pictures it holds

The map was made around 11am.

Cartographer notes


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