• Bayou Safe Bay. Oil Spill?


    29.58294510836592 N, -91.55198143785113 E


    Ground resolution: 484.0 cm/px

    Capture date: 2013-01-22T00:00:00

    Publication date: 2013-01-25T00:00:00

    License: Public Domain

    passenger pigeon


    WHILE FLYING OVER BAYOU SAFE BAY NEAR WAX LAKE PASS I SAW A DARK RIBBON OF FLOATING LIQUID OFF THE SHORE AT APPROX 29.5871915511 N, 91.5719032288 W. Google Map link 29° 35' 14" N, 91° 34' 19" W ~37 km WSW of Morgan City Photo taken at 11:00 AM on Saturday January 19 2013 Also see nearby SkyTruth report from 9 days earlier.

    Cartographer notes


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