• Barataria Unit Tarpaper Canal (NW) Monitoring. Barataria Bay, Louisiana.

    By Cartographer: Stewart Long and Matthew Seibert and Scott Eustis | Mapper: Scott Eustis and Matthew Seibert

    29.834 N, -90.144 E


    Ground resolution: 7.83 cm/px

    Capture date: 2013-12-18

    Publication date: 2014-02-26

    License: Public Domain

    Tarpaper canal is a former oil and gas canal whose spoil banks have been degraded and that has been restored to recreational access. Research Note: http://publiclab.org/notes/mseibert/12-20-2013/barataria-unit-tarpaper-canal-nw-monitoring-18-dec-2013


    Cartographer notes

    Lots of seasonal change happening in this scene. I was surprised how different the waterway and dried surfaces had changed. Only with the macro vegetation patterns was I apple to orthorectify this map.


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