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Process water may not be discharged to any well including any bored, drilled or driven shaft, dug hole whose depth is greater than its largest surface dimension, improved sinkhole or subsurface fluid distribution system NR 815
Water supplier for community water systems shall deliver to their customers an annual report containing information on the quality of the water and the characterization of risks, if any, from exposure to contaminants detected in the drinking water delivered by their public water system. The report shall be written in an accurate and understandable manner. This is relevant because if a mining or processing operation provides drinking water to more than 25 people it falls under the definition of a public water system which is regulated by the Department to assure safe reliable drinking water NR 809.83
One should not disturb the surface of a non-metallic mining site and removing topsoil before putting in place all necessary measures for diversion and drainage of runoff from the site to prevent pollution of waters of the state shall be installed in accordance with the reclamation plans approved NR 135.07
Though at certain concentrations, substances may not be toxic to humans, but may impart undesirable taste or odour to water or aquatic organisms ingested by humans. The taste and odour criterion is applied to prevent substances from concentrating in surface waters or accumulating in aquatic organisms to a level which results in undesirable tastes or odours to human consumers. NR 102.14(1)
To determine whether an enforcement standard has been attained or exceeded, one looks at any point beyond the boundary of the property on which the facility, practice or activity is located. NR 140.22(2)(b)2
New bridges or culverts or replacements of existing bridges and culverts spanning navigable waterways, shall maintain a clearance of not less than 5 feet. NR 320.04(1)

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