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Currently, all 6 staff members vote. 70% or currently 5/6 (83%, since 4/6 is only 67%) of current staff must approve of a vote. We use anonymous unranked approval voting, with names of voters revealed after the vote.

Results of past votes

A list of all votes we've held:

Sept 9 2011

  • We lowered the threshold down to 70%, or currently 5/7 for all votes. That means 6/8, 7/9, 7/10.
  • We approved moving $7,800 for a fundraising position from next year's budget to this year.
  • We approved looking for a Butte-based, Butte-partner paid, 3-month contract position, non-voting, possible renewal, oversight by working group, long-term expansion to other mining sites, no travel/conf budget built in. Also some amount of overhead for PLOTS, not including Mathew's travel.
  • For any honorarium over $500, $150 goes to pool. This doesn't include per diem, which goes to the speaker.
  • Speakers/workshop runners get compensated for all the time they work; they must use comp time or something similar to fit it all within the # of hours they can work -- trading for non-work-time before or after the trip.

Aug 15 2011

With that vote, we now have 100% approval for:

  • "we should adopt this budget" (aug-oct budget)
  • "we should require only 75% (6 of 7) approval" for approving budgets in the future

(In the case of 75%, if the number of voters changes, the percent would stay the same, though the # of voters to get that might change.)