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Thermal flashlight workshop

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 kitchen windowsill


Sunday, December 18th or Thursday, December 22nd, Sprouts' project night? or early/mid Jan, maybe 7th or 8th?

Planning to attend

  • Jeff Warren
  • RJ Steinert
  • Jen Hudon
  • Sara Wylie
  • Aurie BER


  • kanarinka
  • Kawandeep V


  • pirateship? 438 Somerville ave?
  • maybe sprout, if sprouty people are interested?


Each person will need:

  • an Arduino
  • warm clothes
  • a long-exposure-capable camera, if you have one

We'll supply:

  • Melexis 90614 ($15 each I think, can people chip in for these?)
  • RGB LEDs
  • wires
  • resistors
  • tape and stuff

If you have it:

  • a high-power RGB LED like the BlinkM MaxM, and an idea of how to connect it up

Code, plans, documentation

There is already a writeup on how to do this, and more information in the thermal camera research notes listing.