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Staff call notes 9 4 2012

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  • Goals - further outreach for spectrometer campaign, event organizing (as usual)
  • Accomp - big party at pfizer, set up Pratt workshop for October 25-26


  • Goals: Follow up w/ Knight and SciStarter on Spec, call w/ health insurance, 2013 budget/Knight reports/policy changes, LUMCON, H2S paper
  • Accomplishments: Catch up from vacation emails, finish 4S paper, wrangling BOD members


  • Goals: update MapKnitter website stuff, tutorials. Go through mapping content and make updates as well. Publish oustanding maps in the archive, anything else thats outstanding before I leave next week. Prep for workshop in LA on 23rd September.


  • Goals: local mailing list, firm up Roanoke College balloon mapping talk dates, resolve lost package for Cindy R.
  • Accomp: IR camera conversion of the AVL site camera, loaned to Diane Styers, talked with her about spectrometer integration into her Remote Sensing class, balloon mapping talks in two different classes at WCU - remote sensing and envi public policy


  • Goals
  • rebuild page for grassroots mapping forum on our site, get up on Breadpig.
  • get into retail report
  • get out picavet kits.
  • mini-maker faire stuff, spectrometers, etc.


  • Goals -- spectrometer campaign!


  • Non-profit status, Just wanted to ask about this.
  • Isaac update - Shannon?
  • Reimbursements (including - did Ed pay us for April’s EcoHack?)
  • How was Greece?
  • Please update:
  • EPA Education Grant -- timing of work



  • liz in SF thursday night - tuesday noon (family stuff, but still i’ll be around) Manzina Madness

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