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Staff call notes 9 24 2012

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  • Accomplishments workshop w/ 35 people, edit in OSM through MapKnitter, last iLab event, Nov start date for Cypress Hills- Joe/Leif- split sessions between them (need to talk more about Leif’s role), EcoHack planning- overlap w/ EcoHack and FarmHack
  • Goals: Upcoming events this week at OHS/Parsons- 3 ½ day workshops. doing MOU on Cypress Hills EPA project. Ordering helium for OHS and for Parsons this week (need to get sponsorship). Continued EcoHackNYC outreach to microbiologists and air sampling experts. TIMESHEETS


  • Goals: barn raising, OHS and NY other things, wrap up accounting and materials for BOD meeting
  • Accomplishments: KY, all accounting in, annual report wrap up, barn raising, Knight reports


  • Accomp: Workshop 10-6- 15 people, GOT MARRIED
  • Goals: Workshop in Pasadena- 16-20 people. Machine Project.


  • Accomp: two plots talks last week - balloon mapping and spectrometer shown. third talk was cancelled. Goals: retail networking (asana tasks), buy plane ticket for plots meeting in Louisiana.


  • Accomplishments: Balloon kit 1.5 being assembled, inventory problem solved for GMF, discussion with Make about GM book, finished kite assembly instructions for Delta, sorted all “DIY kite, DIY balloon, photo rig” notes on PLOTS site, Reimbursements checkup, old receipts dug up.
  • Goals: timesheets, sorry. Sort, keyword all flight reports, mail out crate rigs.


  • Absent


  • need timesheets
  • fill out January Doodle
  • retail receipts
  • plane tickets for staff meeting
  • Halloween BLOWOUT in new orleans -- lab coats and safety equipment from NYC?
  • barn raising people- Chris Fastie, Jessi Breen (does she have funding already?), Pat Coyle, Sara Wylie, Vermont organizer for TAC (possibly from the Public Lab/TAC grant)?, spectrometer people, Hagit, Leif, Cindy Regalado


  • What can we do with class presentations/demos to engage people? (adam) - not much room for casual users of website, will take this convo to the mail list