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Staff call notes 9 17 2012

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Monday, September 17, 2012


  • Goals: spectrometer outreach, followups from Maker Faire, Timesheets, sign up for OSMUSA,
  • Accomplishments; Mini Maker Faire, Kickstarter, XOXO power-socializing all weekend, contacted potential balloon supplier Mark Caveziel, vetted through people who’ve used his balloons. identified some more pipinig suppliers, followup on GMF @ Amplifier issues, kit 1.5 assembly.


  • Goals: kickstarter outreach, steampunk video, leaffest prep,
  • extras: buying new server enclosure for $130, complete overhaul of storage system, spectrometry research coord., Parts & Crafts school, Makerfaire & OHS


  • Accomp: spectrometer outreach (Parsons, personal contacts, makezine forum); submitted Hudson River Foundation invoice;
  • Goals: prepare talk on Public Lab and OSM (via Mikel) related to informal waste sector data (for Saturday AM) (email Pablo Rey of international waste diggers union and basurama); Lela and I will visit Chris Small’s spectroscopy class at Columbia on Friday; host OpenStreetMap intro at Foursquare HQ Saturday; host iLAB dance kiting event Sunday. TIMESHEETS.


  • Goals: accounting, other items for BOD meeting, Kentucky on Friday
  • Accomplishments: SciStarter interview, 4S paper done, newsletter, Knight meeting, Knight write-up


  • Wedding (as in he’s busy wedding)


  • Accomp: launched the plots-southeast mailing list on GoogleGroups, updates made to WNC and mailing lists pages. Lunch with Jack Summers (chemist)
  • Goals: Give good balloon mapping talks on Wed, Thu, and Friday of this week. Prepare them. Wed and Thu I am representing WCU primarily and PLOTS secondarily to classes here at WCU. Friday at Roanoke College, I am representing primarily PLOTS. Reach out to National Science Teachers Association.


  • Mathew- reimbursements- have you collected and need to know how much we gave
  • Jeff- WePay into Cit. Bank account? Same with Amazon for GMF? Can you help by going over two reimbursements and see if you got paid for them?
  • Jeff- can you take a look at Stu’s workers comp issue today? Otherwise I won’t be able to get to it until Wednesday
  • Has anyone filed reimbursements since they were last received? Please hold off till new sheet
  • $ for barn raising
  • Need TAC resolution- kit to Sara? - done
  • GRMF #2 is sold out on the BreadPig Store -- mat’s on it.
  • Land plot in New Orleans: Propeller social entrepreneur group in NO was given plots of land for creative land uses. power, water, internet. Get a container, or a van that doesn’t run (like the “boatel”). Literal barn raising. Towards seasonally co-locating staff -- can it be a field station where people can bunk or is there zoning violations? Get plot info. JUST LIKE MINECRAFT -- no cubicles, just CUBES.
  • Communications? Big goals -- website and fundraising (local vs organization-wide?)
  • Shall we apply?
  • Does anyone know the answer to this question: makezine forum this:
  • and refer them to the mailing list.

  • makerfaire/OHS - spectrometry? Sample collection? (jeff) just email the NYC list and we’ll take it from there.

  • soil stuff in Detroit urban ag -- first week of October. Lots of people reaching out to Jeff, but no one is emailing the mailing list since it’s limited invite with paid travel. Suggest that Chris and Don are appropriate people to go.


  • just heard that a couple faculty at Parsons AMT purchased 6 balloon mapping kits. Just direct them to the mailing list so they can join the community so all can benefit and contribute over the long term.