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Staff call notes 8 9 2012

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Thursday August 9, 2012


  • Goals


  • Goals


  • Accomp: set up filming for Aug 19 at Gowanus, lots of new contacts, joined BIG PARTY at Pfizer called “Laboratory” by Winkel and Baltic (Sept1),
  • Goals: make invoice for Hudson River Foundation, email Cypress Hills teacher with outreach materials, Follow up with Parsons outreach material that has photos of 2010 workshop but misattribution. Respond with details about upcoming Parsons workshop. Get Aurash to send invite to Moscow workshop out to main list.


  • Absent


  • Updating MapKnitter wiki docs, ongoing work with mapknitter maps and barataria bay research. started plots-norcal list. Google transfer a week from today. Tried to build a spectrometer and the old phillips usb camera that I have is not working, i’ll be up and running soon


  • Goals


  • Goals


  • (LIZ) UNEP would like to cite / republish our mapping guides -- where are the nice graphic license files used in GMF?