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Staff call notes 8 6 2012

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Monday August 6, 2012


  • Goals - updates to subscribers list, last edits on GMF, packing for Toorcamp (hack convention) flying aerial antenna.
  • Accomplishments - great time at PPSR, good contacts-- made, printed PPSR poster. Collated digital collateral from Kickstarter video into Dropbox.


  • Goals made illustrated spectrometer guide
  • Accomplishments video about halfway done


  • Goals


  • Accomp: [I AM CALLING IN FROM THE PFIZER BUILDING!!!!] trained Aurash and Elaine on basics of balloon mapping and MapKnitter (related to Newtown Creek and Moscow events). Made contact with Hudson River Foundation about Bronx River oyster mapping (August 20-22 early morning, with NOAA, Rocking the Boat and Bronx River Alliance $500). Submitted Open Hardware Summit demo stuff [get poster from Mathew]
  • Goals: follow up with Bronx River event planning. Outreach materials for Cypress Hills Sept open house. Follow up with Parsons outreach material that has photos of 2010 workshop but misattribution. Respond with details about upcoming Parsons workshop. Get Aurash to send invite to Moscow workshop out to main list.


  • Goals *Accomplishments


  • Setting up Los Angeles workshop for 9/23 hosting and honorarium will be with
  • Goals finish Barataria regrowth project with Alex Kolker this week, Ongoing Map publishing...


  • Retail: research new avenues for products with retailers
  • Accomplishments: met with charter school network recruiter for NYC re: K-12 curriculum and getting kits into schools


Adam - what do you think of posting our workshop fee structures on our site? pls. see the e-mail I just sent. don’t do it.



Barnraising planning? DATES? environmental response toolkit. End of October (HALLOWEEN)- November-- 15th of august is needed for Adam to get in Syllabus Mathew, open Liz (Nov 9 doesn’t work, but Oct ok, can come for a week (i teach wednesday 9-am12) 1-2 weeks potentially Adam-- at least 1 week. want to know dates ASAP. Must know by August 15th Stewart, open, interested

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