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Staff Call notes 8 5 2011

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Fri, Aug 05 2011:

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Stewart, Shannon, Adam, Mathew, Jeff

Public Archive

  • GMF planning - Chandeleur balloon map with birds, Mikel editorial
    • $1400 printing?

Fundraising and writing

  • NSF (12th) grant - Liz, Shannon, Jeff, ...
  • EDF, due 13th - what is our plan?
  • Journal of Aesthetics and Protest - draft sent, final by end of Aug
  • abstract sent for Antipode - reply within a week


  • Video shot list by Mathew for review soon
  • new spectrometer docs going up soon, Spectral working group

Field work this week

  • Mathew - interviews - folks who live on site of engine room? - sched. of interviewers laid out
    • art walk - put up a gallery of our images and did kite building and flying, lots of interest
    • head of superfund sites … say hell yes - interested in GM for documenting reclamation sites
    • mainstreet/farmers market headcount kite map soon
    • met with Center for Land Use Interpretation folks at their work party
    • got images of the (bonneville?) salt flats - flew kite off the back of pedicabs, volkswagen sun roof
  • Gowanus last weekend
    • infrared/visible map of entire upper canal
    • discussion of how to incentivize people to stitch maps
    • discussion of precision/accuracy of our map data - Eric Wolf’s thesis


  • Hamil Pearsall - Clark U - GIS class, collab. on curricula
    • flight, late Sept. - use data for ongoing classwork
  • Guide wrap up, translations
  • undergrad class at PNCA - Mathew & Molly [class] on toilets
  • Kit sales - cheaper $9 balloons - a pallet of space rental? Breadpig.

PLOTS: the organization

  • nonprofit filing soon soon! end of aug, 4 months before Jan for review?

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Adam to Mexico