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Staff call notes 8 12 2011

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Fri, Aug 12 2011:


  • Please review NSF today- read email first
  • EDF update - due tomorrow (Saturday) - Adam - Working on it today- need help with last section
  • Stu/Sara on grant for next week

Field work this week

  • Butte?
  • Lima?
  • Liz in preparation for Rio?

PLOTS: the organization

  • Set a time for weekly staff meeting- 11ET Monday
  • Staff time use- documentation, staff time spent on this- workshops need two people, one person has to know what people are doing. Need to focus on complete documentation of tools and tool development model
  • Vote currently out- Due Sunday
    • Resolve last two votes? Talk about on Monday call
  • ok for Denver schedule- please buy tickets and submit reimbursements