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Staff call notes 7 9 2012

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  • Achievements: Vacation! moved Ray and found apt in Milton.
  • Goals: Fundraising: Cedar Tree LOI Outreach/research: EJ league mapping workshops this week (tuesday/thursday afternoons) Research: H2S: develop strips from Shannon’s research (wednesday 12 PST/3EST/3CST) set up field tests in New Mexico with San Juan Citizen Alliance, and Rhus field test in San Fran (Stew interested in getting involved?--wednesday) Thermal Flashlight: meeting with Mat and Jeff? thursday after staff meeting Publications: publication proposals-- Information society work toward finalized draft H2S paper--Shannon and I meeting? Friday? Environment and Agriculture Journal--Sept Research notes: EPA notes/RPI talk note


  • Achievements: submitted Venice Biennale form and pics, started internship with Elaine, mapped with Gowanus crew on Saturday, taught Gena how to log in and post research note, uploading lots of imagery, responded to Parsons gallery invitation for Fall 12 for demos and Gowanus seasonal exhibits, helped write that ESC grant last week, figuring out DT opportunity for fellowship.
  • Goals: support Aurash for Newtown Creek mapping this coming Wednesday (equipment maybe solar balloon, how-to), continue sorting out workspace (looking good for August 1: I will take on security deposits and annual insurance personally, and submit only monthly reimbursements), Cypress Hills kickoff meeting on Friday 13th, write research notes from last weekend’s solar balloon workshop and other current stuff, help Shannon with blog post???, emails to NYC list: City of Water Day on Governors Island, Newtown Creek opportunity, fall gallery opportunity.


  • Accomplished: UR conference, insurance forms in and done, wrap up on GMF interview
  • Goals: 4S paper, research notes from h2s tests, reimbursements, RKF letter, start thinking about NSF proposal, keep migrating accounting docs, PBS post


  • Achievements: Finished the large (100+) Big Branch map last week
  • Goals: Find and fix broken links from server relocation. Mapknitter follow up with several users, mapknitter exports, rectification paper work with Jeff, read through NSF reviewer comments today. Reach out to this week, spectroscopy, maps...


  • Goals


  • Goals
  • work with Sara on thermal flashlight planning
  • turn comparison of July 22, 2010 ERMA vs. PLOTS into research note
  • RPI follow-ups Eric Scheinke (PSU) and Scott Kellogg esp...
  • research notes for Kite workshop
  • research note on Dan Bowen
  • start GMF subscription drive

Achievements: * coordinate with Jeff, Chris- GMF section, get layout started * In Breadpig-- add item * email details of subscription cost, $30 for 4


  • Goals


  • Gallery show montreal--Shannon to join wednesday noon call--
  • workers comp forms (RI)
  • comp time