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Staff call notes 7 23 2012

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  • Goals: reimbursements, follow up on workshop in Shenandoah, time sheets, case study on grant with Denizen Media Accomplished: weekend workshop in VA, met with GIS prof from Roanoke College - Katherine O’Neill


  • Goals: Reimbursements, timesheets, GMF


  • Absent


  • Goals
  • accomplishments: mailed of h2s strips, fixing kit and Bayou Savage results, time sheet
  • goals: fundraising: h2s grant, Cedar Tree LOI publications: finish information society article Admin: receipts Research: research notes, Outreach: EJ league follow up invoice, planning for student final projects, follow up montreal exhibit.


  • accomp: supported Gowanus team to expand to Jamaica Bay and document (see research note below in newsletter) - they may be seeking a grant for this project specifically; engaging biologist at LaGuardia Community College + North Brooklyn Boat Club at Newtown Creek with Aurash Khawarzhad (Change Administration) for workshop tomorrow; met with Leo Famulari and worked on kite research notes.
  • Goals: reimbursements; get equipment for Newtown Creek tomorrow; sort out videoing day with Erin; set up workshops for fall gallery exhibit; upload Gowanus pics to Stewart via MapMill, sort out August iLAB event coming up.


  • Goals: 990s and annual, Google dev. grant, canon sponsorship, PPSR
  • Accomplishments: comp time for Awesome Summit, whatever was listed last week


  • Google Earth outreach grant writing (due aug 1st), Research project with Alex Kolker, build a spectrometer, formatting and publishing maps for the next google dump, fly kites with 5-5-5 timer if it’s windy enough this week. Connect with Matthew@winter root about h2s site here in SFbay


  • Mapknitter anonymous projects, OK if I include them for the Google update next month? Jeff, I know we have discussed this but I feel like we never conclusively decided. I vote we add any of the PD maps at our discretion
  • Mapknitter max upload size (10MB), possible to increase 2-3X?
  • reminder on honorarium policy? $150 in pot to be divided. Remainder goes into operating budget. $2,000 from EJ League.
  • film thermal flashlight - sounds like a great idea, but prob wouldn’t happen in NYC.


  • All receipts due on Tuesday receipts before June 30th due by 5 pm EST
  • Update on Northeastern: Start date, August 1st- covered by NE wants staff role like Adam for next 6 months or so- cap on hours per week. thur. 9et/7ct/6pt PM- 7/26th Questions to be answered: workers comp adam/sara payroll taxes health insurance? research funds

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