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Staff call notes 7 2 2012

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Mon July 2, 2012 (copy this below to preserve template)

Moderator is top person, let’s shoot for 30 min calls?:

Example: “I spent several hours this week working with Chris F trying to help him write documentation/guides. I hope this will support the goal of greater community self-sufficiency, where community members get more involved in writing documentation, and express expertise. It resulted in some great IR camera guide pages.” Example notes: (in this case, went in newsletter, too) work with active PLOTS members to write wiki documentation/guides to promote this as a practice, expression of expertise


  • Goals
  • coordinate with Jeff, GMF
  • start GMF subscription drive
    • In Breadpig-- add item
    • email details of subscription cost, probably $30 for 4
  • work with Sara on thermal flashlight planning
  • turn comparison of July 22, 2010 ERMA vs. PLOTS into research note
  • RPI follow-ups Eric Scheinke (PSU) and Scott Kellogg esp...
  • research notes for Kite workshop

Accomplishments; * awesome talk at RPI technoscience with Shannon, Sara * kite workshop went well, inspired some building


This week: * admin work (taxes, etc), GMF finalize infrared piece, Server power shutdown prep (Charlie De Tar),


  • absent


  • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 1) no major injuries at the Pfizer building and in fact a great workshop that has introduced several good new NYC folks to Public Lab. 2) EPA calibration submission of AQE and ACM coordinated with Joe and Shannon and Leif, 3) met with Design Trust about urban ag metrics, 4) 3 hour interview with PDF on open data and open gov, 5)
  • GOALS: 1) grant submission today with Shannon, 2) figure out who spent what and submit reimbursements to iLAB and Public Lab, 3) meet with Elaine, 4) timesheet, 5) next steps on Cypress Hills and also reach out to El Puente re: EPA Citizen Science grant, 5) support upcoming Gowanus Mapping this weekend with whatever they need, 6) follow up on group to rent Pfizer workspace.


  • absent


  • Goals
  • working two days-- comping
  • export mapknitter projects this week
  • big map work-- Big Branch with Scott Eustis +
  • Amplifier building 50


  • absent




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