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Staff call notes 7 12 2012

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  • Goals: Finish 4S paper, work on annual report-state of MA, newsletter, final edit on interview
  • Accomplished: H2S work, things mentioned from Monday, continued work on list above


  • New maps, but not accessible this week...
  • Sent collaboration appeal to Fruition Sciences (planning on finding a bay area collaboration on spectrometer and infrared)
  • Pat Coyle loaned me his gear, learning about the MK111 timer first hand, been trying to fly the camera pair with kite but not enough wind as of yet
  • started updating retail page, outline
  • help Mathew from Winterroot find salt marsh site to test H2S


  • Goals


  • Accomplishments: research notes for Kite workshop (nearly done illustrated assembly, parametric design)
  • Goals: work with Sara on thermal flashlight planning; turn comparison of July 22, 2010 ERMA vs. PLOTS into research note; RPI follow-ups Eric Scheinke (PSU) and Scott Kellogg esp...; research note on Dan Bowen; GMF subscribers list; credit clearance GMF printing (need two orgs to endorse us - approach shanti kites and breadpig).


  • Absent


  • Achievements: Taught EJ league class balloon mapping, organized w shan and stew h2s research in New Mexico and San Francisco, put a call into cedar tree foundation, researched h2s grant possibility, working on receipts, finished timesheet, organized installation at Montreal Science Museum (shan to ask AQE), attended maker 3D printing meeting in providence
  • Goals: Finish research notes, fix and document h2s stips from bayou savage, finish receipts, thermal flashlight next steps. two pages for existing safety pages--


YBCA Occupy Bay Area Curatorial Team asking if artists want to publish a link associated with their exhibit, which link should I use? or or * Safety of urban mapping? near loss of balloon in providence? Wikipage on Safety: start a safety page * Making Megan a Summer Public Lab Intern in name? Interns concerns 6 points: where can we find this? one point for us--need to prove that interns are being trained, they have to be getting training similar to academic training, needs to be for the intern not for public laboratory


  • Shannon, lets meet about sponsors soon (stew) Tuesday
  • Mat can we reschedule to tomorrow as I need to be over at community environmental college at 1? reschedule to 1 pm EST 10 PST
  • H2S call -- NM?


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