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staff call notes 6-3-2011

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Fri, June 3 2011: Jeff/Shannon/Stewart


  • New budget conversations
  • start looking around for fundraising/grantwriting help?
  • Need to announce SIP and launch that project

Public Archive

  • Poster:
    • maybe going to press today?
    • next poster: may 27th grand isle terre... two maps of same place?
    • we need clear posted deadlines -- for example, how completing the interviews fits into the whole process
    • Synchronize getting some writing from Alex with getting some aerial infrared/visible data with LUMCON to run on the front
    • add a GMF page to the website, that’s not just the “subscribe” page? That offers PDF downloads and purchases
    • figure out a non-WePay system for online sales; ??

Field work this week

  • Adam in SC...


  • Greenhorns call today

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Oscar NYC post