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Staff call notes 6 4 2012

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Monday June 4, 2012


  • VA project budget, kit hosting with RiverLink, that’s it.


  • ongoing, no new goal announcements today


*Goals * tool page * print and automatic mail for $1.10 for GMF * retail shop friendly packaging * kite balloon write up * UAV ethics discussion for forum


  • MapKnitter login semi-stable, needs testing -- please log in
  • sysadmin next steps
  • 56 spectrometer webcams ordered, 9 backorders, no refund offers accepted


  • Goals
  • Fundraising: Finish and send off Claniel LOI, finish draft of Cedar Tree
  • Publications: Finish 4S draft--research interview each of the founders?
  • Outreach: prepare for trip to france, order kits for EJ league, make TF for NJ guy, RPI talk
  • Research: schedule next TF workshop, H2S bag making/ordering/organizing OGAP Megan meeting, Sharon also expressed interest in following up
  • Website: mock up tool page redesign, implement subscriptions changes?
  • Admin: reimbursements
  • (thermal flashlight)


  • Review with Paula Zevin EPA of both Public Lab applications to the recent Citizen Science RFP
  • Summer Event Calendar.
    • June 09 SurfRiders workshop in Jamaica Bay with Open Plans and Vizzuality. Kite Mapping.
    • June 17 iLAB workshop (in house) -- Brooklyn
    • June 19 EPA Citizen Science Workshop -- downtown NY
    • June 20 EPA Citizen Science Workshop -- NJ SARA. --Liz and Sara talk today
    • June 30 Kite Building (tyvek and bamboo) and Solar Balloon construction (painters plastic and carbon powder) Workshop -- Pfizer Building, Brooklyn
    • July 01 Kite Building Workshop -- Pfizer Building, Brooklyn
    • TBD - Map Knitter Workshop widely requested. Open Plans to host.
  • New opportunities:
    • NYC Dept. City Planning Erick Gregory (a classmate and a Kickstarter kit buyer) thinking about holding community workshop in Bronx related to the Sheridan Expressway removal/remediation.
    • Cypress Hills planning getting started.
  • Equipment:
    • getting more kite rigs from Charles Stewart, will be submitting reimbursements. $157 + manual order to the site (ask Mat). Also i want a flow form.
    • Jeff just got a nice $40 9-foot delta: “Dazzle Delta” NICE!!!
  • workspace: current orgs include Nijel (Lela/JD), OpenIR (Arlene/Ilias), “In Our Backyards” (Erin/Brandon), (Eric/Paula)


  • Bone re-growth, raising white blood cell count, healing, applying bicycle brakes (ha thanks Adam)
  • IEC fellowship app, arabella requests, 2 comp days (thur/fri), follow up with Houston, 2 grants, review Claneil letter for Sara, call H2s tomorrow, RPI on Thursday, SIP, transfering into quickbooks


  • web team updates
  • GMF estimates, automailing
  • repackaging retail kit, for thinkgeek and others
    • jeff is behind on this, sorry
  • kite and balloon writeups
  • UAV ethics follow up


  • search bug in site?
  • is place-specific calendar going yet? Prefix events with NYC in main events calendar.
  • SciStarter tool listings -- trail back to getting involved on listserve and via research notes.
  • I need to buy more cameras - which ones? A495 (reaching end of life)
  • best price on flow forms?
    • what size? see above note of $40 Dazzle Delta 9ft kite - Jeff
  • Ask RJ to join to web working group? --Jeff



  • Kite Machine people installed a microkite vending machine at Rockaway Beach (96th street).
  • Bike Vending machine at base of Williamsburg Bridge is robust - could hold spectrometers?

Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold - less than a sentence please - http://link-to-more-info...
  • less than a sentence please
  • Collab w/ SciStarter
  • Let people know about organizer list
  • Claneil LOI (assuming finished)