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Staff call notes 6 25 2012

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  • 5 accomplished: Providence mapping meet up--providence research group-Matt Stalz: web developer for Maker Bot founder of, EPA meetings, move of materials from Pirateship, H2S, RPI talk, mapknitter training,
  • 5 goals: EPA research notes, RPI conference, H2S ordering exp rhus, finish map of maps, Ceder Tree grant, publication proposal.


  • Accomplished: kite workshop outreach.
  • almost same To Do’s as last week, plus EPA calibration NOX Ozone letter Due by email June 30. Also, following up on fundraising possibility: 1) Region 2 website: “Community Transformation Grant funding Opportunity.” The deadline to submit a Letter of Intent is June 18, 2012, and the application deadline is July 13, 2012.


  • 5 accomplished: insurance docs in, KNC/Claneil submitted, training w/ UCL, H2S protocol/testing, PPSR review,
  • 5 goals: RPI and UR talks, 4S paper, reimbursements and continued accounting, research notes for H2S test, RKF/Wells Fargo grants (?), GMF interview finished


  • Lumcon project with the Alex’s, met twice last week, work done in between. Alex Kolker is leading the project--tracing coastline areas,
  • MapKnitter training sessions (3 last week)
  • Updated sponsorship plans, need to coordinate with Shannon
  • GDAL meetup, Version 2 coming later this year LibTiff4 spec is final and good. BigTiff is ready
  • now: Mapknitter help desk
    • Lumcon work meeting, Lumcon analysis work
    • Finish Big Branch map


  • Absent


  • get working phone before RPI trip
  • RPI work
  • writeup from EF! this weekend


  • Absent



  • calibration meeting tonight?


Newsletter suggestions

  • Dolores Park Map (adding link here we have notes and content from the day going online Thurs)
  • H2S test update