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Staff call notes 6 21 2012

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Accomplished: GitHub comments for tool redesign, finalized all supplies/design for kite workshop (shipping Tuesday morning), got split bamboo ready, worked on UAS ethics dialogue (cut by 50% nearly ready to publish) Goals: RPI presentation (facts and slides straight, summarizing notes), spending time on reimbursements, ground truthing of clear cuts at EarthFirst (workshop on using kites in the field)


  • 5 things done this week: website design work, KNC Data submission, mobile spectometer design, spectrometer backorder packaging, testing batch sorting for unblurred images
  • 5 todo: tagging in mapknitter/spectralworkbench, nicer printing button, GMF infrared camera feature, spectrometry video, make more disk space on server, “spectrum matching” feature, more website work

Sara###--please call me for staff call

  • Outreach: EPA workshops NY and NJ (research notes)-awesome working on research notes
  • Providence AS220 workshop Saturday 23rd--may be moved to sunday bc of rain and problems with AS220 server crash, blog submit to PBS--done
  • Fundraising: Claniel send letter--is this out? Cedar Tree draft LOI-call will work on this on friday, H2S grant?
  • Research: sending H2S strips to Shannon--done, Thermal Flashlight made--working on documentation will send friday
  • Evaluation: Partnership report
  • and Map of Maps--embed in archive--already, issue in github--stew and I work on this for archive--Have started a map of maps:
  • check out work in progress
  • Publications: 4S paper--special issue Information society
  • Presentations: RPI talk
  • Admin: timesheet update, reimbursements
  • Website: next steps for tool page? Follow up with Mat on his comments, subscriptions? goal to implement them this week or next?


  • Accomplished: 1. made new workspace contact, 2. represented at EPA citizen science conf with new pres with 5 points on how aerial imagery in GOwanus is used to improve water quality AND a demo with Sara (new contact with a second community group in NYC that won a Citizen Science grant - we may be able to reuse work we’re developing for Cypress Hills), 3. Kick-off conversation Monday night with Joe Saavedra, Leif Percifield and Chris Piuggi on EPA calibration and My Air, My Health comp, 4. set up two new cameras with CHDK and created complete new set of equipment (200# line) on semi-permanent loan to Gowanus, 5. planned with Mat for materials for kite workshop, 6. full day iLAB workshop with solar balloon and fled kite demo on Sunday.
  • To Do: 1. final outreach for Kite workshop, 2. final materials ordering based on convo with Mat, 3. meet the Open IR group (collaboration and workspace sharing), 4. meet the new intern Elaine Choi on Monday.


  • Accomplished: KNC in, liability forms in, HR contact call and review, Claneil fdn. letter in, transcribing interview w/ Scott
  • Goals: Knight survey, receipt submission, finish IEC fellowship, RPI and UR presentation, H2S work on Friday and Saturday, mapping on Saturday of illegal wetland destruction


  • Last Week
    • Belle Chase maps
    • helium wiki work
    • helped with SF meetup
  • This Week
    • Big Branch map
    • updated imaging sponsorship plan, need to reach out to organizations soon
    • work with the Alex’s. map analysis for outcomes and PLOTS publication
    • attending Frank Warmerdam talk tonight
    • retail meeting and discussion about 2012 push for rest of year
    • help Sara finish maps accounting
    • MapKnitter training session tomorrow -- these two (Kate and Matt) are a small boutique mapping start up and are trying to generate business for themselves doing custom aerial mapping (and already have a client in Hawaii resort). They are also going to map the music festival. I already asked them that if they get training to turn around and offer a local training course.


  • Absent


  • Retail meeting and retail goals with stewart and Jeff-- questions--
    • Adding t-shirts, reels and balloons (ala carte) on the store
    • Developing FABArig/Jessi breen’s picavet rig into kit (August goal) HOT
    • Doing “3.0” on balloon kit instructions, storefront-ready packaging (mid-july)
    • Jeff shipping out spectrometers to Amplifier, getting into breadpig store, making video (next 2-4 weeks)
      • set Oct. kickstarter goal (waiting till cellphone v. available as well)
    • Discussed producing kite, Shanti kites can manufacture-- will keep in mind/re-discuss post NY kite workshop
    • we think the thermal flashlight is super sellable, but needs a technical point person to bring to retail-- do we want to pay someone/how would we do this, l priority? Limited Sale of handmade prototypes with adjustable temperature range?

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