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Staff call notes 6 14 2011

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Shannon, Stewart & Jeff

Public Archive

  • Volunteer or contract basis- organize exhibition of prints in LA
  • In-depth SIP interviews on a per-site basis - example: Erin Sharkey re: Ocean Springs map. Post to online archive
    • SIP announcement, call for interviewees, questions to include, on our mailing list
  • Press release, online announcement … a few weeks after the conference? “Hard launch” with annotations/comments, embedding, other features


  • submitted the revised 3-yr budget
  • press release (jeff helps shannon with a paragraph)

Field work this week

  • Stewart: big camera test on Southern Balloon Works or mylar balloon on Saturday at Calif. Map Society
    • micro 4/3 with fixed focal length


  • Greenhorns... other options?
  • Hunter/timelapse project

PLOTS: the organization

  • Hammer out our anonymous approval voting process (using Selectricity)
    • use unanimous process to come up with thresholds

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Tuesday evening/night prep for KNC conf - slideshow for Wed., MapMill display

Website and software

  • disk space monitoring, Pingdom uptime monitoring (email only for now, Jeff and Stewart added)

Next meeting: Friday June 17, 10AM EST, Jeff may not be there.