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Staff call notes 6 11 2012

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Monday June 11, 2012


  • communicate with Beverly Pierce about Shenendoah River mapping project,


  • absent


  • absent


  • absent Just checking in--dashing between parts of this meeting-overall it is going well. Questions I need a bit of help with: review of PBS blog I wrote last week? I can finish it on wednesday but it would be great if someone else would take a look at what I’ve written--I shared it with Jeff and Shannon but could share with anyone else interested in reading it. Sara- I’ll look at it today (shan) status of Claneil LOI


  • plan EPA Citizen Science workshop June 19-20. Sara outreach request for helium FTW--Liz they are picking up helium for us, they will get back this week to confirm.
  • Get a talk together for an EPA thingy. No group member wanted to come.
  • Plan for solar balloon and kite building workshop - leads on custom bamboo spars, iron pigment. CALL JOSH about bamboo company?
  • distribute the new kites and reel NYC got.
  • get NYC summer calendar dates on Newsletter
  • pfizer - still can’t afford workspace, thinking about setting up larger co-working business.
  • EPA - air column monitor -- read Joe’s email
  • Badges -


  • Fellowship application Envir. @ Layola
  • Quickbooks setup


  • Working on Wetland Watcher and Big Branch Maps and getting back to Alex Kolker
  • Just sent in a disk with occupy maps to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


  • Who is mapping the Governors ball at the end of the month? unknown. but would be a high-value opportunity to get visibility.



  • Shantikites Checked in to see how we are doing
  • IE8 compatibility MapKnitter feature request - government entities can’t use it. TryIE10? be specific about what bugs are?
  • Leif and Xiao Wei flew kites and cameras on beijing, I’ve been encouraging them to make a research note, but it’s been a week already.
  • Liz working half time for next few weeks due to Columbia.