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staff call notes 6 10 2011

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Public Archive

  • launched!
    • next steps: georeferenced comments/annotations
    • nearest other maps
    • finish all parts of map records
    • ability to embed maps
    • resolve zoom level bugs
  • Forum: proofs arriving shortly at Jeff’s?


  • submit KNC new budget
  • Lindbergh - discussion next week
  • new Dropbox folder in plots/grants/CVs - please put yours in

Field work this week

  • jeff: didn’t manage to fly over Gowanus this time


  • Greenhorns meeting
  • East Harlem Tutorial Program meeting
  • Parts and Crafts reaching out
  • Pat Coyle - Summary form Stewart coming via email

PLOTS: the organization

  • incorporation filing date?

Recent & Upcoming events

  • need to organize/announce bay area meetup next Sat. 6/18

Website and software

  • longer and longer list of needed improvements to MapMill, Knitter, Spectral Workbench
  • how-to videos on our site (Stewart wants to try to make these) - how to process/stitch? also how to start a knitter map, how to use our map viewer, how to initiate some of the main activities...

Next call at 10AM EST on Monday, June 13