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Staff call notes 5 31 2012

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Thursday, May 31, 2012


  • OHS abstract in, H2S paper abstract, ordering darkroom supplies, liability insurance forms (having the plans for them open source lowers liability- plans available to review materials)


  • nothing new, writing budget for Virginia project, liability forms- yes good to go


  • same as Tuesday


  • Discussion w/ folks on UAV ethics- AB Spanovich (?), ctr. for EP- needs to transcribe, Jeff/Mat working on parts for retail kits that need to resell- ThinkGeek concerns- internal packaging, pro. printed materials, same as Tuesday


  • absent



  • Goals
    • workspace - Fractured Atlas application in, insurance quotes forthcoming.
    • knowledge transfer with Oscar on how to do party balloon rigs like this for potential Columbia University workshop at Bronx River and L.I.C river edge:
    • organizing for end of June workshop on kite building -- getting space, publicizing save the dates, procuring materials, etc....
    • need to hold indoor map knitter workshop.
    • EPA workshop upcoming - June 19, 20. NY and NJ -- Sara, Liz.


  • HIVE, Badges,,
  • no time to create special events. just use existing NYC community events.
  • related to workshop curriculum -- can badges be a result of that effort to develop that?
  • Liz to hit up our existing Badges Working Group.
  • possible to try out in Providence with EJ league this summer in August as well.
  • not open source yet- by fall- should be and would have value for Public Lab. Learning Times. MacArthur Foundation funding.



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