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Staff call notes 5 31 2011

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(Google Doc link)

(Stewart and Jeff present)

Public Archive

  • Posters!!!

    • edit cycle more efficient, firmer deadlines, much less protracted feedback/edit period
    • new publishers? not returning calls
    • name suggestions? “Grassroots Mapping Forum”, “Grassroots Mapping Reader”,
  • online archive feedback from C4 meeting, lots to do

    • permalinks for map views - scroll to one location in the map, and embed just that view
    • new view template for a full-screen embeddable map, that reads the hash permalink
    • timeline view (maybe just for nearby maps) that loads other layers
  • remove zooming/scrolling in /maps
  • sort-by “state name”, recency, license? date?
  • search maps:


  • Lindbergh grant (jeff is back online after weekend and will help out where possible, tell him what to do)
  • set up bank account for SIP (and others)
    • backup plan for SIP, put it in Shannon’s account, then a new WePay account, open a nationally-available account after a little more deliberation (Chase, BoA)

Field work this week

  • Adam, UV/IR camera late - arrives maybe by Friday? too bad
  • Shannon, Bayou Dularge, LSU


  • Wan-Jean, letter of support, CV due June 1 (done, working out details soon)
  • beam domains - Liz applied for the Aug dates. Stew think he could maybe ask about late july/Aug as well

PLOTS: the organization

  • BOD agreements sent

Recent & Upcoming events

  • PDF - posters ready? - print out a prepress one, but printing will prob. occur by the following week.
    • can accept online orders, have a /poster
  • GC advisory panel >>> Shannon this week >>> Stewart

Website and software

  • remove Reports entirely and migrate them to “notes” with “featured” tag
  • Mission statement done, online at /about

Next meeting at 10:00 Eastern on Friday 3rd of June