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Staff call notes 5 29 2012

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Tuesday May 29, 2012

Liz (moderator)

  • Goals
    • planning for June 30-July 1 kite building and solar balloon making workshop. iLAB. (possible conflicts-RPI wed.thur.fri) Matt free Sunday.
    • workspace - coming up short with enough people willing to take on insurance.--could genspace help and use space for workshop?
    • report back from using Mat’s solar balloon, 7’.
    • successful flight by Eymund and Gena, need to get their multiple flights of images from 2012 uploaded.
    • need to schedule an image uploading and mapknitter training


  • absent


  • Outreach with RiverLink to set up kit sharing
  • work on website tasks that I am point person on
  • set up mentorship with Beverly Pierce (details in e-mail to follow)
    • Purpose: image fish kills in the shenandoah river, $3,250 ($750/day rate).


  • Meet with Jeff to review some design decision in map publishing and the archive storage
  • Goal perform Gowanus research paper analysis this week
  • Goal to improve or standardize wetlands mapping, need research meeting


  • Goals
    • discussion on UAV ethics one evening this week... will kickstart a doc
    • receiving report back on cost of subscription distribution/printing for forum
    • kite/balloon futures writeup... solar balloons, kites, alternative lifting gasses, summary.
    • annotated maps note... jump in.


  • new local lists - add registration opt-ins, pls add me as a moderator to your lists
  • pirateship space fees
  • farmhack/PLOTS interlinking & collab (not “scooping”)
  • organizers list kickoff this week
  • Spectral Workbench and MapKnitter unified login system with (need awareness & help from web team esp.) - research note/announcement coming soon
  • spectrometer backorder (close sales for the time being)
  • next “Data KNC” - ideas coming together and will present soon for review -- possibly request funding for staff positions for web development and sysadmin +1 +1
  • “annotated maps” thread-unity - Catherine D’Ignacio/C4, RJ, Zeega (KNC winner) - please jump in or even take over -- case studies Gowanus “plume” and farm hack mapping (possible think about rifle--and Rick Rolles--he has lots of notes already written and wants to annotate. (possible convert to mailing list solicit & newsletter topic?)


  • Goals
  • Publications: Draft 4S paper, H2S abstract; materials for France in Dropbox
  • Outreach: continue PLOTS providence development: mailing list, follow up workshop, interest in NIR workshop, update on workshop--3 hours not really enough time--better to do two one making, one imaging
  • Fundraising: Finish Claneil LOI-Budget help?, draft Cedar Tree toxics version
  • Research: H2S next steps--bags made/send strips?, Thermal Flashlight next steps--annotate the code so none-programmers can understand how it work/thermal image archive (glowdoodle?), get designs from workshop into Public Lab -- organizers list, tool dev timeline, how to lead workshops? Creating connection-with website at the sametime
  • Website: Tool Dev. Redesign/subscriptions changes--how to enact this?; sys admin-hire next steps?
  • Presentations: RPI talk Mat and Shannon


  • where does check go? PLOTS P.O. Box
  • who volunteers to find homes for the workshop brainstorming notes from this call? github, email organizers list - sara & liz
  • have money from selling kits over the weekend--where to send how to give to public lab?



  • near-infrared - connect Sara’s folks with FarmHack folks directly and via website

  • workshop leading suggestion: have working thermal flashlights so a workshop can break up into imaging and construction groups

    • another: maybe separate brainstorm/pushing envelope vs. just building in well-established way
    • another: have a “designated documenter” (DD) and use that moment to intro the CERN OHL and capture the excitement of participants into long-term engagement.
  • Meta: tackle workshop teaching techniques as part of:

    • create a “Workshop brainstorm” page?
    • first step: pose clear questions/challenges you’ve faced and solicit input
  • template for tool-specific workshop-leading guidelines

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