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Staff call notes 5 27 2011

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Shannon, Stewart, Jeff, Adam, Liz


Public Archive

Field work this week


  • Horeshoe crabs? i’ll respond and CC plots staff, jeff
  • Barn crew Shannon/Adam/Liz/Sara

PLOTS: the organization

  • locations - spawning co-working spaces like, $250/month for 5 spaces in various cities?
  • university partnerships - turning open source into an asset. new model of collaboration. shared ownership is core. “open source structure of participation” in class description.

Recent & Upcoming events

PLOTS website

  • Gulf Coast blog posts today - Shannon
  • blog post by Liz’s student - Washington Square Park map - for posting Friday May 3rd
  • new page
  • reach out to mappers soon to solicit more metadata in the archive
  • twitter

Next meeting at 10:00 Eastern on Tuesday 31th of May