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Staff call notes 5 17 2012

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Thursday May 17 2012


  • Absent


  • in the field, workshop with Global Community Monitor. Talking specifically about air quality and potential air column monitoring. Mapped a reclaimed site this week.


  • Absent


  • Map accuracy: spent time this week comparing base maps and map accuracy. Would like to continue research a bit further by trying to contact someone at GMAPS.


  • GMF editorial process development



  • SCEA Conf (Philly) possible Public Lab group being discussed


  • Jeff: plots-organizers list, can i help out or is it not a rush?
    • also website projects solicit to plots-organizers and/or main list?
  • images of South American PLOTS projects?


  • Healthcare taken out of Payroll this round
  • Credit Card statement for reimbursements

Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold - less than a sentence please - http://link-to-more-info...
  • less than a sentence please Dolores Park Map (adding link here we have notes and content from the day going online Thurs)
  • Thermal flashlight workshop in Providence: Sara to post research note with details


Paper/research issues: keeping off staff call for now, coordinate mediated meeting next week, coord. by email. Separation of immediate discussion of paper and broader discussion of research practices