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Staff call notes 5 14 2012

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  • Goals
  • fundraising: figure out direction and start work on foundation LOI--set time with poll
  • outreach/research: complete ordering and advertising for Thermal Flashlight workshop; follow up on SCA meeting-local EJ school site in providence, EJ Roger Williams University/Mexico--follow up with adam
  • Publications: draft presentation for France meeting, outline Information Society paper, Make Magazine--small piece in print magazine on TF, Stewart--follow up with reporter/observe licensing
  • Admin: finish reimbursements, sys admin
  • Website: tools deve page redesign--finish diagram/design eval process of current pages
  • Research: H2S research notes to post/how to guide, experimental design, gas costs
  • taking some comp time for apt search.


  • absent


  • absent


  • Outreach with RiverLink to set up kit sharing
  • work on website tasks that I am point person on
  • GeniePro analysis for LUMCON paper
  • PBS ideablog post


  • SF maps (kind of a special project for me, high value)-Dolores park-20 person met up--local mailing list to follow up.
  • working with Adam to get Lumcon out
  • need to send DVDs to FL (tomorrow I think)
  • Back to Mapknitter projects (would like to work heavy on this all week, bringing lots more maps to archive)
  • need to finish maps list/database
  • help with writing
  • possibly starting “Bay-Area Plots List”


  • Goals
  • outreach on GM forum
    • Coby-- ethics editorial?
    • rotating editor pulling research notes from the website
    • meeting for next week on Forum
  • writeup on kite/balloon development future, with retail in mind
    • Kite anemometers--note on this he suggests to read.
  • get in touch with Amplifier on kit construction, discuss lower costs
  • work with shannon, audobon conference portland (due wed)
  • work with adam PBS blog post
  • look at Github for development timelines for proposals of web development.


  • no more spectrometer kits, IR kits shipped
  • unified login for apps (SW, MapKnitter) in progress


Jeff ok to assemble and ship spectrometers to amplifier? Mat yes Return Git Hub: Falling behind one month timeline for finished full proposal for each task? Open call for input and participants. Date by travel cap $500. Staff meeting start date.


GMF meeting organize? next week


  • Adam question Nagle EPA Rocky Nagle-founder of Sprout-com sci organization--electronic used to workshops.--Adam, sara follow up.
  • Sara board directors fractraker

Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold - less than a sentence please - http://link-to-more-info...
  • less than a sentence please
  • Thermal Flashlight Workshop AS220--Sign up--announcement
  • GMF note--get involved--meeting time on there