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Staff call notes 4-6-2012

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Friday April 6, 2012


Recent & Upcoming events & Fieldwork

  • Staff meeting:
  • Sunday night pick up--Shannon, Stew if needed.
  • food? Mat and Stewart pick up food and cook.
  • still doing self evaluation or is the facilitator enough?
  • Wednesday plan
  • Thursday/Friday plan
  • Jeff, Adam, Stu stuff to Eris? Sara will call Adam.
  • Where 2.0-O’reilly video interview, good contacts, did live streaming from the balloon work out? (Part of it did not work, but all of the presenters had bandwidth issues and it was not our fault) SF Exploratorium, CA Academy of Sciences follow up.
  • Davis Updates: Lots of interest in our tools, three people there using them in their own research. Problems linking up to community projects. No specific interest in PLOTS per se so much as the use of tools within their existing academic research processes.


  • Environmental Justice League in Providence--Proposal to run two summer workshops on balloon mapping of two contaminated local sites, use IR camera to study the urban heat Island, and inclusion of thermal flashlight into their winterization program: They have asked us what we want in terms of funding--I proposed that they cover kit costs. (sara)


  • Toxic Action Center-They are applying for grant from Canaday Family Charitable Trust for $40,000 to train themselves and train Vermont communities in using balloon mapping.
  • Postdoc position for Sara

Data/Public Archive/Publications

  • Running into problems with the special issue of Information Society Journal on critical making that was based on our 4S panel, editor is rejecting only public lab piece, we are working on a revised abstract but may have to drop the project.