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Staff call notes 4 30 2012

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Adam (moderator)

  • Goals
    • Outreach with RiverLink to set up kit sharing, work on website tasks that I am point person on, follow up with contacts I met at conference in Vienna, post 1 research note about the spectrometer, schedule call with Sara and Liz on partnerships


  • Map Publishing: Been reaching out to people with projects on Mapknitter, also Mapknitter help desk stuff been going on
  • Map Publishing: Lots of work to do with organization of maps, 20% of maps taken up by Google not working and they need to be individually checked out, inspected, fixed
  • Map Publishing: investigating and working with Jeff to make the mapknitter map publishing work better


  • Goals
  • Presentation to DEQ head of H2O quality went well, but lots of edits, contacts for retail - passing on info to retail, skipping first quarter of GMF


  • Goals
    • outreach group to help Stewart with map contacts? (Sara happy to help with calls?)
    • archive summaries for
    • spectrometer and balloon kit retail summaries & next steps for promoting kit distribution & ease
      • brazil “relay” system
    • brief checkin on rectification paper
    • priority: liability forms to get there for assembly before Shantikites reels arrive


  • Goals
  • Research: H2S figure out supplies/experimental design/incorporate Lionel advice/Gas getting/make bags/ship to CO.
  • Outreach: working on AS220 Thermal Flashlight workshop as beginning of Public Lab AS220 research group (w/ RISD and Brown)-blogs, posters, planning. Of interest to retail-Modern Devices based in Providence, their founder is a key member of AS220, interest in doing a run of modified arduinos with them for Thermal Flashlight? Going to try and involve him in the research group.
  • Evaluation: partnership eval filled out?
  • Outreach other: planning for Pfizer show/Genspace/Olin DIY bio collaboration? NY/RPI trip planning-philly/storm king?/May Day?
  • Tool page redesign: graphic of tool development process-Jeff/Mat schedule for next week.


  • Goals
    • Organization: workspace negotiations
    • Research: uStreaming really figured out with 4G
    • Collaboration: iLAB starting up; Parsons Fa12 MOU on licensing; School Working Group;
    • Upcoming Events: Kite Building event in Summer with Mat; MapKnitter Public Teach-In at OpenPlans/Vizzuality
    • Fundraising: urban waters recap (what will become of unfunded project ideas?); looking for next grant!


  • Goals
  • Fundraising plan review, finish task list, LA unemployment, finish accounting overview, bookkeeper jd, reimbursements, report to Knight, website tasks out to list, nominations review for organizer list, finish up state needs list, partnership eval forms, Call IRS, power of atty form, liability forms done, sending GMFs


  • retail team meeting (schedule it, jeff volunteers)
    • liability form (bobbie), warning sheet (jeff taking point, need recourse, need Gdoc), check other products for online warnings
    • pricing BKIT, profit margin tweaks, ThinkGeek answer
    • new batch of spectrometers?
    • brazil shipping situation
  • rectification paper - Stewart/Jeff(thx!)
  • Sara- post doc update?
  • Schools team meeting - possible: Thursday 7ET
  • Tool page redesign meeting? (next week? Tuesday?)
  • Mat kite workshop- weekend of 30th of June into Monday or Tuesday of that week. Liz will check!
  • Stu/Adam- follow up with Alex on wetlands paper?
  • pictures from staff meeting dropbox/staff meetings/20120409_Oakland/staff meeting photos

Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold http://link-to-more-info...
  • less than a sentence please
  • Toxic Action Center, [add more info. on who they are] submitted grant to Canaday Foundation for a two year collaborative project with Public Lab in Vermont. The project will train TAC staffer and environmental justice groups in Vermont how to use Public Lab tools and work with Public Lab data to achieve results for their communities.
  • Saugus landfill mapping coming up (
  • Vienna conference- Adam research note(s)


  • May Day organizing - Sara creating events and executing, Liz - request constant communication re:NY events Liz/Sara to chat about ferrying stuff.