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Staff Call Notes 4 29 2011

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(Google Doc link)

  • new Notes page, organization
  • Clippings system, add by email
  • Archive system now has map database:

    • Fields for cartogropher, field team,
    • “Mapper” and “Cartographer” roles
    • file attachments work
    • eventually comment-in-map feature, notes on subsections, points
  • Parts & crafts CSE:

    • March 15th shipping -- available for purchase for anyone (need to find a linke or way to sign up)
    • will include attribution and release under a CC-BY-SA license (attribution sharealike) and contribute to PLOTS site (cross-posting, linking)
  • Plan your trip page:

    • linked to from /tool/balloon-mapping, maybe balloon-mapping-preparation
    • look at site in Google Earth, historical imagery
    • link to Weather Underground, wind speed
    • recommended times of day to fly for balloons & kites
    • … bring ACLU card
    • call in a NOTAM?, Flight service station 800 number
  • White paper by Monday night?