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Staff Call Notes 4 25 2011

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  • Wherecamp (Palo Alto) update:
    • Interest in Stanford GIS day workshop
    • Connections with GM community - folks from the Grassroots Mapping mailing list showed up -- Kitty (UCSB), Andrew (Poland, Intel)
    • Discussion of OpenView DIY Google StreetView project as a potential PLOTS tool project
  • Hunter -- Loss of wetlands monitoring, kit in a box thoughts -- put Hunter in touch with Jeff & Adam
  • questions for BOD
  • Stewart: determine wilkinson bay trip date(s) confirm poster date
  • Stewart: update gulf-coast data list on plots site, AND on google doc
  • Stewart: README files
  • Possible contact at Olympus re:sponsorship? -- they often sponsor KAP folks
  • investigate Maker Faire