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Staff call notes 4 23 2012

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Monday April 23, 2012

Liz (moderating)

  • Goals
    • NYC Site Coordination: support Gowanus community to do first independent mapping (rained out but will happen)


  • absent


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  • Goals
  • Follow up on Philly Updates
  • Foundations-identify two that are interested in toxics and environmental health and draft letters of inquiry.
  • draft structure for information society paper
  • Make two new batches of H2S strips send to community
  • Finalize Schedule summer work H2S providence, genspace NYC, Environmental Justice League
  • Get going on Tool development page redesign
  • Investigate General Liability Insurance
  • self-evaluation of events and partnership-out reach--building up model to share with partners.-sara developing couple of questions before next staff call.
    • Categories: sponsorship, collaboration between communities, training-for-hire, conference, show and tell,
    • Metrics: continued engagement, public lab members, research notes/tools, media, new ideas for organization, retail, independence over time of a place-based community research project.
    • report to share with team list, potentially edited into a research note

*Updates: * Follow up on Philly Talk: Wagner Free Institute for Science: A great partner organization for us, they are a based in a EJ community, they run community free science events, they have partnerships with 4 local school for afterschool science curriculum, they have a large NSF grant for that work, that is coming to an end. We should follow up with meeting about use of Public Lab tools in their curriculum and possibility of collaborative funding--they are interested in starting a middle school program---[School Collaboration Working Group?] * follow up local radio on Public Lab-Met the guy who runs the community radio station, he approached me about doing a story on us. * discussion underway between EDF, Jody Roberts at Chemical Heritage Foundation about co-organizing a meeting on endocrine disruptors.

Website tasks:


  • “organizers”
    • anyone need a vote?
    • next steps?
      • Can we open the list and move existing people in? - +1s on current Team list?
      • input from people on the team list, deciding criteria for entry
      • Organization diagram - jeff volunteers to draw one and solicit input


Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold - less than a sentence please - http://link-to-more-info...
  • NYC - EcoHack on Earth Day Weekend was a smashing, rainy success at Parsons the New School for Design. Collaborating with the community (creators of Air Quality Egg) resulted in a sensor pack wirelessly transmitting 6 variables from balloon to ground. Next steps will be to coordinate with data visualizers, test the lenticular balloon case + “tail fin” combo, and mark the line in 20’ increments.
  • Making two new batches of H2S test strips - can be sent out to interested community members (San Juan...). Update on cool tent container that can be shipped flat. [Sara to revise this] Check out their Clean Air Act win against fracking
  • Infrared camera assembly/use documentation collaboration starting this week - after shipping of Kickstarter dual camera kits -
  • plots-boston list launched - for coordinating local PLOTS events in the Boston area -
  • PLOTS introduced Balloon Mapping at the San Francisco Exploratorium this last week.
  • Invitations to you can now invite others to PLOTS, if you think they’d be an asset to the community or if they could leverage some of our expertise: (but of course invites are not required to join)