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Staff call notes 4 2 2012

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Monday April 2, 2012


  • OHL Adoption - growing community makes this a higher priority. Drive? How do we organize this? email to whole list-jeff, email to individual tools and places--everyone email out to different places.
  • “How to attribute” page at
    • Write and model this on openstreetmap attribution page-sara to draft

Recent & Upcoming events & Fieldwork

  • MMM Somerville/Boston on Sat Apr 7, 10AM
  • Seattle being organized by Mariko
  • More annotation systems and layers in MapKnitter- Japanese internment camp histo. map overlay --Mariko interested in mapping internment camp site with historical overlays. Mapknitter Feature for archive discussion at Staff meeting. Could this be set up for export into existing narrative tools? Zeega collaboration?
  • Davis workshops-Thursday meeting on outreach TOPIC for Staff meeting: can we get people on mailing list offering making services? Or support for livestreaming?
  • Where 2.0 and Where Camp-opening keynote
  • Staff Meeting--everyone got tickets? Last minute organization things? blocks on schedule-Shannon making them, we have a facilitator for monday Eris. Knight still not locked in. Shan going to work schedule
  • NY MMM--how are we getting the word out? Need more community level outreach for place-based work.


  • Genspace Meeting Liz/Sara
  • Togo revisited--Staff Meeting Topic--Working with these international organizations-how does this fit into our strategies.
  • Follow up on UNICEF? Shannon email into Bobby.
  • iLab $7,000 ecology research and dance, ⅓ to liz salary other ⅔ to dancers. Schedule during RPI trip Mat to New York.
  • Ecohack-End of April, Earthday weekend. 21st and 22nd. Air quality sensors on the balloon.


  • EPA citizenscience: April 20th deadline. Gowanus Canal and Dredgers.
  • Reschedule Fundraising meeting? Scheduled for staff meeting
  • Kickstarter IR Cameras 9/18 done, parts ordering and est. shipping & documentation by middle of month--progress update to kickstarter.
  • Barnraisings with Pachube funding $4,000-5,000. H2S in Louisiana or Thermal Fishing bob. Pachube is not opensource. Open data but not open source? STAFF meeting topic.
    • where is statement on open data/source- licensing?
    • Funding to integrate their data and API into our site, so people can do analysis on our site, pulling from their data? (we could offer “provided by Pachube” on our site) Could be a good back and forth exchange- back end of data collection- something we could replace eventually- wouldn’t be completely dependent
    • Shan send out reminder email
    • Can’t analyze trends/data on server- don’t feel like giving them data help if they don’t give usability help
    • Like to know their future vision

Data/Public Archive/Publications

  • ACME paper extension to Tuesday (Jeff, shannon, liz)
  • Google Earth Builder instance being offered to us
  • 1 month left for GMF (Stu/Mat meeting on it) Stewart
  • We have PBS post due Thursday and haven’t turned in the last one (Mat)


  • spam issues-upgrading spam system re: RJ’s suggestions
  • add some more how tos? I am getting lots of questions about how to add research notes?
  • follow up on sys admin?


  • General Liability Insurance? Follow up with Alex? Shan send email
  • Notice that we didn’t pay taxes in MA