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Staff call notes 3 19 2012

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Monday March 19, 2012


  • collaborations: air quality sensing on balloon tether
  • Water Canary meeting:
    • Are they going through with open hardware licensing? Have they published any designs yet?
    • details on how they’re doing spectral analysis, even off the record?
    • are they patenting anything? If so, maybe we don’t want to hear anything about their technology

Recent & Upcoming events


  • Ars Electronica submitted
  • SIP report due end of month? Draft due April 1
    • and a paper? links to lengths etc, and Jeff can start a doc today
  • fundraising: EPA Citizen Science i've been approached by both Ned Horning (AMNH)-remote sensing online-and Darlene from science cheerleaders. Full disclosure: TreeKIT also going for this grant. Arlene-Jeff Boston-open source project Google Infrared imagery. Key to interpret imagery be on Public Lab site.
  • Azavea Summer of Maps, responded, more returns later

Public Archive/Publications


  • Open source geiger counter - stew should/could we add this to public lab?


  • Summer of Code follow up? Worth contacting the people who approached us? Students from Chris Walley class.
  • remove from public email lists?


  • MMM DC getting organized. Jeff and Stew to discuss virtual meet ups.