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Staff call notes 3-12-2012

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Monday March 12, 2012


  • Movement--architecture department University Austin Texas looking at movement around campus--research questions for iLand-linking up movement-mapping. Shan writing back to iLAND symposium. Oscar would like this. Update GCal.
  • Sara and Shannon chatting with H2S people in Texas tonight
  • NYC exploring other EHTP options since Carlos is stepping down as Director. A couple I’m speaking with tomorrow night: Harlo is from East Harlem, and Noah is interested in making a scanning thermal camera.
  • London collaboration on Thermal Flashlight going ahead

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Peru workshop TODAY 1pm-2pm. Stewart? if not, Liz.
  • Stu; met with Gregor MacLennan of Amazon Watch
  • 4S? abstract
  • AAA? Organize panel
  • RPI conference - $800 buget for travel, $250 shannon, sara gas money, Mat $400-$500
  • EPA - June 19 (NY), 20 (NJ edison). Aerial mapping of interest, but more interested in air/water quality, also interested in air and water quality.
  • successful crisis mapping meetup last Thursday March 8. hoping to hold Open Street Map event with the new tutorial Jeff made:
  • SXSW
  • MMM--DC-Casey Trees, Development Seed guys? John
  • March Mapping Madness NYC - lots of venues offered, need to lock down how many dates.
  • Sara talking to Phil Brown’s research group on EJ on wednesday at Brown.
  • Stewart: posting instructions.


  • Mozilla
  • EPA Citizen Science grant.
  • Schedule follow up call--Tuesday? 20th

Public Archive/Publications

  • Thermal Flashlight documentation. Mathew has feedback about removing incorrect documentation. standard circuit diagram citation to datasheet
    • Community Outreach: (NYC - Noah, Harlo, Kyle, Leif, Eymund, ) (Boston/Providence - Parts and Crafts, TAC)
    • Call on Tuesday night 13 on thermal imaging for EHTP with Harlo and Noah.
    • Water Hackathon:
    • Sara to work on timeline for thermal flashlight, fix online documentation, discussion of generating different development threads--one for electronics, one for arduino. Set up workshop with thermal imaging experts and community Boston/Providence brainstorm technical fixes, setting temperature range, displaying temperature etc. Discussion of what can we usefully do with these images?


  • Stu, posting revised MapKnitter instructions/guide today