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Friday February 3, 2012


  • AS220-providence talk/workshop/research group
  • Yeast Assay update-MTA paperwork is underway
  • H2S-second EPA site for tool development and two experiments underway

Recent & Upcoming events

  • WNC - Adam at Warren Wilson College on 9 FEB 2012 SO AWESOME
  • WNC - Adam with WATR on Tuckaseegee River, Roger Clapp, HS students on 10 FEB 2012
  • NYC water hackathon with Pachube and Ushahidi (Heather Leson), hosted at Parsons. Leif is lead on this for Public Lab, potentially Sara with Yeast Screening for water-borne estrogens, . 23-25 MARCH 2012.
  • PLOTS staff meeting! 9-13 APRIL 2012. Wherecamp unknown - who voted? (Adam already bought a plane ticket to Oakland!!!)
  • NYC ecohack II with Vizzuality, UNEP, hosted at Parsons. PublicLab is bringing several hardware kits for hacking on, as well as a prototype for this air column monitoring set-up that we want to test on this day as phase I of a global project. thank you all for the brainstorming. Team: Liz, Mat, Shan, Lela Prashad. 20-22 APRIL 2012. Next steps: tighten up abstract for outreach to scientists to form an Advisory Group. Eddy Flux standard: CO2, temperature, wind speed. Potential partners doing research in this area: Marin County Carbon, City University of NYC,
  • PLOTS at European Geosciences Union Annual Meeting in Vienna - 22-27 APR 2012 - Adam presenting on Data Lifecycles (presentation is an adaptation on Jeff and Shannon’s dialogue on back of the GRM - #1)
  • Lima balloon/kite flights, upcoming kite flight
  • Thermal flashlight at Sprout, upcoming at Open Lab/Parts & Crafts
  • UC Davis this afternoon (Stew) to see and meet some folks interested in PLOTS


  • Kickstarter: is there an easy way to get a readable list of all donators to start on Thank you Notes?
  • iLAB - 7k fellowship potentially split 3 ways. For exploration of movement as part of environmental experiences - making and flying kites with cameras pointed at the ground and up into the clouds. Due end of month - liz lead. need to budget out for salary.
  • Map printing: background conversation with Amplifier who does printing on demand. We need to set up a buy button that sends them an inventory number and SKU

Public Archive/Publications

  • Journal of Landscape Architecture India - calling for team to write an abstract and 1500 words on environmental mapping projects in South East Asia. (Maning Sambale, Yashas Shetty, ??) Zack Denfeld group in South of India? Liz will hit up main GM list. "Zackery Denfeld", "Zackery Denfeld",
  • Map RSS feeds, also per license:
    • Maybe auto-entry into Google Maps, prob auto-entry into OpenAerialMap