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Staff call notes 2 27 2012

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Monday February 27, 2012


  • Stu met with Alex of Lumcon to discuss analysis---focus on one area with four maps taken at different times, stew based on Alex advise is going to try and use the maps to figure out:
    • 1) land/water area, 2) color; green vs. brown, live/dead 3) vegetation species composition/distribution
    • QGIS connection, GDAL experts?
  • UCL ExCiteS thermal imaging in london possible collaboration
  • GreenMap (in NYC) plans to loan out their balloon kit, pitching projects.
  • iLAB going in this week - collaboration with movement people. also DJ in london?
  • iSPY - “distributed surveillance game show” by Flux Factory

Recent & Upcoming events

  • march mapping madness --

  • Put Pollution On the Map 2012: Call for Counter-Cartography. Jeff making poster. Chemical, biological, thermal, landfills, sewage outflows. raising awareness about pollution in addition to mapping.

    • event possibly happening one month after our “welcome workshops” in march. Involve TAC, EWG, OGAP, Tar Sands, we can start running list of places that need mapping?


  • Kickstarter $20 reward prints mailing

Public Archive/Publications

  • Library DVDs to Shannon in NOLA
  • Narrated map videos: pat coyle’s contact at Sunol, maybe Alex Kolker? to democratize interpretation
  • New Scientist article about to go to press



  • Hire accountant and book keeper--Jeff looking and we planning to post to the list.

Field work this week

  • Jeff and Sara at TAC conference