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Staff call notes 12-02-11

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Three core staff present

Friday, December 2 2011

Collaborations * Retail Update: kickstarter work, kit materials sourcing--cheaper sources found--can you guys document them?yeah when it settles we will, still hearing back from several sources.... * Sara follow up with Stewart on Occupy Mapping, possible workshops at Stanford, UCDavis.

Recent & Upcoming events * Hydrogen Sulfide film sensor -- new research note. James Safroth (Xclinic) working on a testing set up (test tubes) with digital sensor and film (issue in that it responds to light). Possible large scale media-genic installation. Preparing for Gulf Coast trip with LUMCON in February for proof of concept and academic paper. * Thermal Camera Hack RISD class Monday 28th--Need to finish documentation * thermal flashlight, where the thermal sensor triggers a RBG LED to change for “timelapse painting”. Need to calibrate the range of colors to the range of temperatures, how fine of detail? * thermistor - took a thermometer (contact) out of the housing and put it inside a bottle with the sensor. attach this unit with a fishing line into a canal and drag it through surface water and have light changing on unit. can a “fishing” thing be a delivery device like kites, balloons, and roombas? * Thermal Camera Thursday at NYC Liz house.

The camera currently uses a Melexis non-contact infrared thermometer:

Arduino Uno:

RGB LEDS--Sparkfun

Capacitors: 100n capacitor



Power supply? 9V battery hook ups?

Housing materials - bottles, boxes, scissors, knife blades, tape Wires soldering iron

Fishing rod Thermometer: fishing rod thermometers

Stepping camera with legos: Lego turntables: two EasyDriver stepper motor drivers and matching stepper motors. Driver:

  • Roomba workshop in January at RISD.
  • Push forward near infrared camera? December Hack? Develop site in Louisiana?

Fundraising * Mathew kickstarter video dev

Public Archive/Publications * Stewart publishing LA bayou maps today

Field work this week * Gowanus “Public Place”