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staff call notes 11 7 2011

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7 voting staff present


  • thermal camera - Liz + Sara? meet at a hacker space? Discuss Liz's embarrassment about going to NYC Resistor and asking for help while trying to introduce Public Laboratory as awesome. Leif could alleviate this but he’s clearly busy.
  • November workday in NYC. 19 is happening, any other day? Or should I come up to pirateship in Boston? shannon sara and jeff will be around on the 19th/20th in boston---what about a jeff/sara/liz hack day on the 20th in boston? I think that could be really cool.

  • Completely separate Rio thing (jeff)) - connect with CEDAPS. Liz lead and jeff seconds.

  • need to do poster printing, or make progress on that front this week
  • Rifle, Co, OccupyOakland, Boulder community garden
  • make page on printing, compare Lulu and Adam’s printing prices
  • Plan hack session in louisana H2S- 2nd or 3rd week in december Cocodrie

  • PLOTS website collaborations

  • Spectral workbench collaborations

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Montreal show and talks
  • “Where’d all that shit come from?” at this weekend’s #EcoHackNYC
  • do we want to co-sponsor? partner? get funding? Sometime in the next 6 months.
  • Eye on Earth Summit - thank you for videos and call for more- get things online by Thanksgiving
  • Barataria map production this week,


Public Archive/Web

  • Can we talk about GMF and direction to take with this (per Shannon/Mathew email) how does the potential of harnessing GMF as a retail/artistic piece relate to the need to get maps distributed in the Gulf Coast and other mapping communities. ?
  • how does this meet our advocacy goals in the gulf coast? how can the maps be used to promote advocacy? raises larger question of timeline in gulf.
  • back/front gulf spill/protest mapping?
  • cut edge, no “newsprint” look.


  • 2.50, 24x34
  • can do plots (bright white paper, sometime dye colors are oversaturated but OK) for 4.49, 34x44!
  • price out poster tube shipping.
  • Can we fit text and make it single-sided?

    • how it can be useful, cartographer’s notes,
  • 11”x17” contextualization + map, newsletter

  • mobile touch screen phones are problematic in the field


  • November 11th off
  • Marco - sysadmin for mediamatic in the netherlands

Field work this week