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Staff call notes 11 19 12

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  • Goals: Insurance packet review, CPA review, evals completed, post note on Bienvenue, meetings, dev. mgr. hire, TAC/mt. justice/coal meetings, Kickstarter surveys, begin January meeting planning, OpenDisrupt, budgets, staff meeting wrap up, grant help?
  • Accomplishments: HHS and WWF meetings since last staff meeting, reimbursements, timesheets


  • Goals: Wired UK Howto article for Feb, Uganda Unicef mapping, finish with Alex K. telcon presentation with Shannon, Map archive updating, MJ telcon


  • Goals: EPA grant work - options for Region IV (NC, SC, KY, TN, GA, FL, MS, AL), trying to make some progress with NSTA


  • accomplishments: tweaked jeff’s spectrometer design to fit on less paper/ use bulk mail rates. Got the cost down low enough to include more printed instructions, a DVD shard, and a pre-cut spectrometer. now it’s ready to assemble with glue or tape (no cutting) right out of the envelope. got reimbursements in. notes up from barnraising.

  • Goals: continued production work on spectrometer, new instructions page, dvd cutting, envelopes printing GMF work, more notes organizing.


  • Tidmarsh farms meetup - working with Jen Hudon to build long-term cooperation locally
    • mapknitter meetup
  • desktop spec kit finalizing, send insert & stickers to printing, get conduit boxes and webcams shipped
  • organizing and schedule final assembly
  • tues night spectrometry mini-hackathon
  • time off starting tomorrow



  • Review PBS email Shannon sent last week?
  • Settle on January meeting- split time
  • Go over HR package
  • Where are we at with grants that are due soon? EPA - 12 DEC (Liz and Adam) Wells Fargo Dec 3 (Stu) NSF - January (Shannon and Liz) EPA EJ - January (Shannon) - might not be eligible
  • Marley from MJ, telcon tomorrow: Any solid topics we should pull out? review of what we’ve done, what they are interested in doing, how we might help that, potential of barn raising
    • are we doing a membership drive? Working on GMF-- we have no subscribers. (45 subscribers)
  • oregon wc (jeff) (they called me last week-- they were mailing to a PO box in cambridge-- I didn’t understand why they had two addresses -mathew)